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Hi, I'm Gabby 

Supreme word weaver with a voice 'like melted chocolate', I'm the middle one in a family of seven, a natural nurturer,

a quiet observer, and a lover of an alternative solution (growing up with six siblings and an array of rescue animals will do that to you).

My late dad was a psychiatrist and my mum a nurse.

You could say that caring for others, securing quiet sacred space and finding solutions are all deeply imprinted in my blueprint. However I have had to learn the difference between rescuing and empowering along the way...

I am a wife and a mum to two teens, an enthusiastic whippet and two cats and I live with my family near the coast in the South East of the UK.

I am here navigating the mid-life, leaning into the simple power of connection and trust and the sacred wisdom of my wise woman years.

Human+Human   -   We are all in this together...

Connection is one of the fundamental threads that runs throughout our lives - connection to ourselves - our inner self, higher self and soul, to each other and the world around us. Without it we unconsciously but instinctively look for other ways to meet that need - substances, behaviours, relationships, careers, choices that may not serve us well. 


The modalities I work with are potent tools to develop and nurture connection.  I love working with the sub conscious because you can make change at such a deep level

Listening, advising, guiding, counselling, mentoring, healing- these age old gifts of nurturing our fellow humans and loved ones have always been part of who we are as a collective. However we often put our healing entirely in the hands of another, believing that someone other than ourselves had the answer and the formula that we were looking for to ease our pain. As we evolve we are learning/unlearning to find out more about ourselves and our own power and realising that others are the mirror whose reflection gives us the clue, the a-ha moment, the piece of the puzzle that we couldn't quite see, but 


 My intention is to be the open heart, facilitator, connector, guide, space holder, mirror.  

The one to shine a light in the place you perhaps don't see, the one to see beyond the story and help you find meaning in the emotions that are coming up around it.  


I am here for the curious soul seekers - those wishing to explore the deeper parts of themselves and tread new paths, write new stories and templates. 

The mid life can be a time of great transition - of endings and beginnings, of questions and space, of wisdom and learning. I am here to hold that space safely for you. 

Clients come to me for a variety of issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, overwhelm, trauma, unwanted habits, limiting patterns, confidence, career changes, fears and phobias.

I am also here for help with navigating and exploring those deeper nudges from within - perhaps a sense that you just don’t feel yourself, or are just curious about 'the something more' and want to explore this further.

More about me...

I have been involved with complementary health for over 18 years and qualified in Reflexology and Indian Head Massage originally. 

Encouraged by my mother to experience the world- her father had been an officer in the Navy and she had spent her teens living in Singapore and Hong Kong-  I fell in love with South East Asia and lived in Bangkok and Hong Kong for almost a decade in my 20s. 


I developed a curiosity and respect for the Eastern approach to wellness whilst away, the focus on mind and body was so different to what I had grown up with. I experimented with both Chinese Medicine in Thailand and Hong Kong and the Ayurvedic System in India and this greatly influenced my approach to health and wellbeing. 

Back in the UK, my first step into facilitating change through healing was training as a Reflexologist. Working with my clients and seeing first hand how their life experiences had affected their emotional and physical health taught me a great deal about how deeply we all hold onto trauma, anxiety, frustration and stress. 

My interest in Hypnotherapy, the power of the mind and the concept of looking after my mental health began when I experienced the power of it myself - first to give up smoking, later using Hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with my daughter and then over the subsequent years to work through other faulty pattern matches and anxieties.


Over time my interest in my own healing journey, evolved into a passion to facilitate transformations for others, similar to those that I had experienced myself. When I discovered EFT, another therapy that works with meridians, (tapping on them rather than putting pressure on points or using needles), I was keen to add it to my toolkit, it blends so well with Hypnotherapy too.  

Discovering EAM in 2018 was another defining moment for me and I embarked on a personal ten month journey using it for myself and my healing before undertaking my Mentor training in 2019 so that I could share it with you. 

I work with the mind, body and soul/spirit -the bridge of science and spirituality.

Do get in touch if you'd like to know more

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