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The tools I work with


H Y P N O T H E R A P Y 

"Hypnotherapists are like gardeners of the soul

they plant nutritious seeds, remove poisonous weeds, ensure the soil is vibrant & healthy and encourage balanced growth"...

H y p n o s i s  is a relaxed trance state of focused attention and suggestibility. You will know the feeling of it well because we slip in and out of it throughout our day…and access it when we dream at night. Trance has a really important function too - it allows our brain to process and sift through the huge amount of data we encounter and absorb, matching this data to existing templates and patterns of behaviour and creating new ones. When we can’t/don’t process we can become overwhelmed, stressed and depressed.

Being in a trance state is that feeling when you are completely absorbed in something and lose track of time…. when you have driven somewhere familiar on auto pilot and have no recollection of the journey (but get there safely!)… when you hear a piece of music that you know and start reminiscing back to a particular memory it evokes, when you are just daydreaming whilst doing a familiar repetitive task like the washing up or just sitting on a train….these are all trance states, the space in our mind where we zoom out from the present moment.  

H y p n o t h e r a p y is a safe and effective modality that utilises the natural human state of trance to speak to the subconscious, bypassing the more logical conscious mind. It is deeply relaxing for the physical body as it is still and resting whilst the subconscious mind is focused and receptive. 


Under hypnosis your brain can be ‘rewired’ to enable the changes you desire, help facilitate the breaking down of unhelpful neural pathways and established templates in the brain and establish positive new ones. 

S o u l - l e d  Hypnotherapy is my newest creation and adds a soulful depth to a standard Hypnotherapy session.


T HE   E N E R G Y   A L I G N M E N T   M E T H O D ®  

Bridging science and spirituality in a simple 5 step process, The Energy Alignment Method® is an exciting new modality and internationally recognised complementary therapy. It is a potent blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine, positive psychology, NLP. neuroscience, neuro-cardiology, Law of Attraction and Kinesiology.

This dynamic technique works on an energetic level to re-tune your human ‘wifi’ (electromagnetic field/aura) and enables you to quickly release unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and emotions from your energy field and replace them with how you want to think, feel and be. 


EAM® can improve any area of your life and the results are fast and long lasting. It is an ideal modality for a breakthrough session. 

I am one of the first 50 EAM® Mentors worldwide and the first practicing in Brighton & Hove, I trained directly with it's creator, Yvette Taylor and co-founder Lisa Hammond.   


E M O T I O N A L   F R E E D O M   T E C H N I Q U E ™    

​EFT™ is an evidence-based, hands-on therapeutic technique that has been described as emotional acupuncture without needles, and is sometimes called 'Tapping', it was founded in 1995 by Gary Craig.

EFT allows you to access the major meridians (energy lines) in the body by simply tapping on the points with your hands whilst speaking aloud different elements of the issue you are working on. This can help the body release the physical and energetic expression of stress and negative emotion related to that issue. Research conducted at Harvard Medical School concluded that it physically decreases arousal in the amygdala (the part of your brain that triggers the fight/flight response).

We connect with another person on a much deeper level if they touch us as they talk to us don’t we - another sense is engaged and we receive their message on more than one level. EFT works in a similar way - the combination of touch and speaking out loud amplifies the reaction from our body. To my clients I often liken EFT to gentle percussion for the body- tap tap tap – it’s like a signal to zone in and pay attention to what we are saying, what we are bringing up to heal and that it is safe for the body to slowly release it through the motion of the tapping.

Similar to EAM® the act of voicing our issue out loud and allowing the body to respond provides a deeper wisdom than just talking it out. Often what comes up when you start to tap is a physical sensation  - a weight, a colour, a thing (eg a spiky red ball) or sometimes a memory of another time that consciously does not seem connected. We can then tap on that sensation – there is no need to re-live the details - and on what it brings up and eventually the tapping will disperse that sensation or memory. 


There are numerous studies on the efficiency of EFT and it has gained great popularity in recent years, becoming much more mainstream and frequently used in hospital settings, prisons and schools around the world as well as in private therapeutic sessions.

EFT works beautifully combined with Hypnotherapy in a session and is simple to use by yourself afterwards. Book a connection call to discuss booking a block of EFT & Hypnotherapy session

These modalities go deep and are very effective

you can use them both with me in the session and afterwards by yourself

and this means

  • that you are never left adrift between sessions

  • that you become more and more aware of your own power and potential

  • that you start to integrate these tools into your everyday

  • that you use them to understand and change situations as they arise

Abstract Texture