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Rarely do you find a connection with a therapist as quickly as I did with Gabby. Her understanding of my weight issues was extraordinary and the Hypnotherapy and EFT allowed me to move forward quicker than I believed possible.

I never thought that a retired lady could discover anything new about themselves but Gabby helped me see a side of me that had been hidden for so long.
This endorsement serves not only as a recommendation to all who seek this therapy but also a huge thanks you, Gabby for your time, knowledge and great unconditional compassion"


GT - Hove - January 2019



Gabby is exceptional. It's hard to express in words the life-changing shifts that happen as her client but having seen her for both hypnotherapy and EFT, I cannot recommend her highly enough. Gabby's techniques are so unique and she is capable of clearing blocks and healing trauma with a kind, non-judgemental approach.

ML - Hove  -March 2019


For the past 4 years I had avoided driving on motorways and felt like my world was gradually getting smaller and my children were starting to miss out in spontaneous meet ups with friends out of town or outings in the car in the holidays. I spoke to Gabby and she thought hypnotherapy and EFT could help.

I saw Gabby for 3 sessions in total. After the first session I drove on the A23 for the first time in years and felt triumphant if a bit sweaty and anxious at the end of the journey! It was then the school holidays and I didn’t have to drive for a few weeks so lost my nerve again.

I saw Gabby again in May as I had arranged a trip to Devon with a friend and knew I would have to drive! She suggested trying EFT followed by hypnotherapy. I was amazed by the results! I just felt like something shifted and the feeling that I just couldn’t drive any distance shifted to feeling like I could. 

Since that last session I have driven to and from work everyday on the A23 and am enjoying the extra time it has given me as well as the feeling of freedom. It really has changed my life. The trip to Devon was a success and I no longer feel anxious when driving. It really has changed my mindset and opened up my world. 

I can’t thank Gabby enough for her calm, wise, encouraging approach and feel that she has well and truly supported me through this shift in my behaviour. 

TK - Brighton - May 2018


I had been experiencing extreme anxiety about the thought of going to the dentist for a tooth extraction.  The thoughts about it would occupy my mind literally 24/7 and I would wake up in the night thinking about how much it might hurt and what might happen, keeping me awake for hours.  I eventually plucked up the courage to book an appointment but on the actual day when I turned up at the dentist I was in floods of tears in the waiting room and a nervous wreck. After having my consultation with the anaesthetist ( I was due to be sedated) I could not go through with the appointment and I left the dentist and convinced myself my tooth would get better!

The pain returned after taking a course of antibiotics and I was suffering from reoccurring gum infections. After visiting the emergency dentist and my dentist on numerous occasions and taking 5 courses of antibiotics I realised that I really did need to have my tooth extracted as it was affecting my health. 

The dentist recommended that I should take diazepam to help reduce my anxiety. I did not want to take any medication so I decided to go down more of a natural route and try some hypnosis. After finding out about Gabby I made an appointment to see her.

Gabby made me feel very welcome and during my session I felt calm and relaxed. It was great being just able to talk to someone who wanted to listen and who really wanted to help me. We talked about the anxiety I was experiencing about having my tooth out and also about any other situations which may have caused me anxiety in the past.

Gabby also talked me into a deep state of relaxation/meditation and helped me to create positive images of being at the dentist and achieving the end result of opening my eyes in the dentist chair feeling calm and the procedure going well. 

By the time I had finished my session with Gabby I did not feel so anxious and the anxious thoughts had changed to more positive thoughts. 

During the weeks leading up to the dentist appointment I did not tend to think about it as much as before.  In fact I was not actually worried about going for the appointment. Gabby also gave me some meditation exercises to practice.

On the day of my appointment I sat in the waiting room of the dentist listening to music which raised my vibration and put me in a good mood.

When my dentist called me in and asked me how I was feeling he was extremely surprised to see how calm and positive I was. He was even asking me all about the hypnosis. My tooth was extracted just under local anaesthetic and the whole procedure went very smoothly and I was not in pain at all.


I arrived to see Gabby stressed, anxious and overwhelmed by many aspects in my life.  Within a few sessions I felt back in control of my emotions.  Using an understanding, genuine and gentle approach we worked through some questions and issues and I left feeling stress free and secure in my outlook on life. 

I cannot recommend Gabby highly enough.  After years of looking for the right therapy for me I have found it! 

NL - Brighton - December 2018



I just want to tell you how grateful

I am for coming to you for Hypnotherapy.

Something changed in my life! 

I was stuck in my anxiety, thinking about the past too often, procrastinating and digging the hole every day. 

Since the therapy I’ve been more active, happier and productive! And sometimes if I feel a bit down, I just sit down and do the tapping and everything goes!

Just want to say thank you for your time and your professional help

GL - Hove - June 2018


You have a safe environment in which to explore, recognise and release emotions and feelings. Because of this along with your kindness and supportive manner I was able to be at ease and identify any resistance or recognise clearly emotions and connections as they arose.

In our first session dealing with my PTSD the shift was transformational and during the second my blockage from my childhood eradicated completely.

I was concerned if it would be just a temporary measure and felt like I was peeking out on the lookout for old patterns and thoughts but this didn’t and hasn’t happened and I can feel the shift at my inner essence. 

JK - Guildford - June 2018


Gabby is an exceptional therapist. As a qualified therapist myself I am very fussy about who I will work with, and I can honestly say that I would be happy to see Gabby with any issues I had, and to recommend her to friends and family.

She is professional, non-judgemental and highly skilled. You will leave each session feeling lighter and happier.


AR –Hanover - September 2018


I had a session with Gabby to help me to stay calm and reduce the stress I had been feeling over the amount of work and financial pressure involved in starting a new business. Gabby is warm, kind and incredibly easy to talk to - she listened with real empathy and used everything I had told her to help move me out of the place I had been stuck in. The hypnotherapy she gave me was incredibly relaxing and enjoyable and after a week or so I started to see real changes in my attitude. I feel far more able to celebrate the wins and stay calm in the face of uncertainty and overall just feel much lighter, which is a blessing! I can't recommend Gabby highly enough as a therapist, she is a gifted lady

BJ– Rottingdean – March 2018


This was my first time having a Hypnotherapy session and I chose to have one with Gabby to help me release some uncomfortable memories and associated feelings regarding a past event. I realised that I was getting triggered by this past event and blaming the present on it, feeling unable to move forward in my life. 

Gabby made me feel totally at ease and comfortable in our session and I felt very relaxed. Being very sensitive to people's energy, I totally trusted Gabby.

The results were amazing. A few days after the session I noticed that I was no longer upset by the past situation, I could still recollect it, but my relationship to it felt different. I felt more non attached, lighter and much more at ease.

This allowed me space in my mind to feel my self confidence again and begin focusing on what I want to do in my life. 

Gabby is professional, calm, kind, caring and trustworthy and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help through Hypnotherapy.


MC Brighton  - January 2018


I had a session to help me to relax and to change my mindset and feel more capable with my abilities, doubt myself less.  I found the session deeply relaxing and I definitely feel that this has helped me to be more at ease. I had no idea what to expect but Gabby is lovely and personable and I felt the approach and method was perfectly tailored to my needs

FJ - Hanover - May 2018

Gabby Briscoe Dip.Hyp.Psych        07769 940609

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