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VIP Half Day

Subconscious Coaching and Integrative Therapeutic Work

Service Description

A blend of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology Techniques such as EFT and EAM, and Transformational Mentoring. This is for you if you are looking to take a deeper dive into some particular areas of your life, and are looking to be supported while using all of the tools in my kit. 1 x 4-hour Immersion (half day with break in the middle eg. 10am - 2.30pm) + 1 hour follow-up and integration Zoom call PLUS *We will communicate by text/voice note support via the Voxer app between the VIP day and the follow up session (within working hours), and for 5 days afterwards. * Bespoke hypnosis recording to listen to after the session to embed the work. * I will teach you simple self-help neuroplasticity techniques and hands on tools such as EFT/EAM, that you can use by yourself between sessions (and afterwards too).

Contact Details

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