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The only constant is change


and rewrite the story of you...


About Human + Human


Human + Human was founded in 2019 by Hypnotherapist Gabby Briscoe (Dip Hyp Psych).


"Clients come to me for a variety of issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, overwhelm, trauma, unwanted habits, limiting patterns, lack of confidence, procrastination, career changes, life transitions, fears, phobias and sleep issues. These challenges can arise unexpectedly at any point in our lives, often manifesting in unforeseen behaviours and impacting our usual way of living.


Sometimes we just need to be in a safe space to explore deeper nudges and uncover new perspectives – this is where I guide and support your process. 

I have continued to evolve and expand my transformational toolkit over the years and currently work with a blend of life-changing tools incorporating solution-focused Hypnotherapy, cutting edge neuroscience, NLP and Energy Psychology –   facilitating transformation and change at a deep subconscious level.


I work with individuals, groups and corporate clients, with a particular focus on those navigating midlife."

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You are the sky -

everything else is just the weather

                                   Pema Chödrön

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how i work

 subconscious change
social wellness
business & community
"This might sound far fetched to say, but I really do believe working with you was the start of a restful, depression-free winter, full of nesting and enjoying the fruits of summer and fall. I experienced a more profound shift in less than one hour with Gabby than in programs of multiple sessions for which I have paid thousands. Truly, thank you so very much."

Fielden ~ Kentucky, USA ~ November 2023

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