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Gabby Briscoe

I am a registered GHR Hypnotherapist

EFT Practitioner &  

Energy Alignment Method​​ Mentor

Soulful Subconscious Alchemy
Welcome, I'm Gabby
As a  transformational mentor & intuitive guide,
I  work with  curious soul seekers 
and help to uncover and transform
old stories and outdated templates
using a dynamic blend of soulful hypnosis
& potent energy psychology techniques
to facilitate change at a deep subconscious level
I'm holding space for you -
heart to heart - human to human

Ready to go deep and shift?

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

How I Work

My Soulful Tools






Guided Hypnotic Journeys






My experience with Gabby in her soul-hypnosis work was beautiful, grounding and embodied. Gabby's presence has an inherent calming effect and I felt so safe to be guided into the subconscious places that she journeyed me to. We worked through some lingering childhood wounding that I haven't touched with other healing modalities and the result was so beautiful, loving and transformative. At the time of our work, I was entering a space of desiring a deeper trust in the unseen forces that support me and working with Gabby through soul hypnosis really, really helped with that. I highly recommend working with Gabby for anyone who is looking to welcome in a deeper relationship to the support of your soul.

Beth - Boulder USA- Feb 2022

I listened to your meditation and it brought my high blood pressure down by 9mm! I've tried guided meditation before for my blood pressure and can usually get it down by     4-5mm. I really enjoyed the journey and felt extremely relaxed. I often get very distracted during meditation and my mind wanders but that didn't happen with this guided journey as I was so focused on the journey and your instruction. I stayed very connected to it. 

Rachel - Sydney, Australia - May 2020

I recently had the most amazing meditation experience with Gabby. I am completely hooked. For me, Gabby has an unprecedented way of enabling relaxation and connection even in a busy house with people coming in and out... she is supportive, imaginative and absolutely wonderful in taking you on an enlightening journey.. you never know where you will end up. Guaranteed you will return a calmer, more centred version of yourself. Thank you, thank you, thank you


Katie – Cambridge – April 2020


I would definitely recommend Gabby to anyone looking to achieve big shifts in their life. Gabby is able to facilitate and nurture what is already within, and she is an incredibly gifted therapist. I wouldn't do this work with anyone else, and I have recommended Gabby to all my friends. From personal experience, I have found EAM is the best conduit for exploring deeply-held limiting beliefs and blocks. Having undergone a lot of therapy and many modalities, I have not experienced anything as profound as EAM in terms of rapid, lasting and powerful results in all aspects of one's life. I would say this is in part due to Gabby's innate abilities as an energy healer. 

Mary - Hove - April 2021

A really valuable resource! I thoroughly recommend Gabby's work for shifting any stuck thoughts or feelings. I have felt really focused and energised since our sessions and totally in flow! Coupled with exercise, yoga and meditation, this really is the final frontier for getting back your vibe!! Even if no particular trauma or reason, just a good process to work through and up your flow!

Rebecca - Windsor - April 2020

Gabby is an incredible human. I had never tried this type of therapy before and it really helped me come to a big emotional shift. I also find the whole experience very relaxing and Gabby’s energy is incredibly calming. Not only was Gabby attentive in the sessions, but outside of the sessions Gabby would also offer me support and the use of voice clips really helped ground me.

Izz  - Hove - May 2020


I came to see Gabby to do some work around a long-standing social anxiety that’s been really holding me back and preventing me from enjoying my life fully. I was curious about hypnotherapy but had no idea how powerful it could be! After a few sessions with her using a combination of EFT tapping and hypnotherapy I have been able to reframe and really take the power out of a lot of anxious feelings that have been keeping me stuck for a very long time. Gabby is absolutely lovely to work with, she has such a calming, reassuring presence and a vast toolbox to help you draw out what needs to come to the surface in the gentlest way. Thank you so much for your help Gabby!

Maya - Brighton - March 2020

You have a safe environment in which to explore, recognise and release emotions and feelings. Because of this along with your kindness and supportive manner I was able to be at ease and identify any resistance or recognise clearly emotions and connections as they arose.

In our first session dealing with my PTSD the shift was transformational and during the second my blockage from my childhood eradicated completely. 

I was concerned if it would be just a temporary measure and felt like I was peeking out on the lookout for old patterns and thoughts but this didn’t and hasn’t happened and I can feel the shift at my inner essence.

Jackie - London – June 2018

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

Human + Human is based in Brighton & Hove

Sessions are available in person at 
The Practice Rooms in Hove  and also online via Zoom

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